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love life.

  Loving life! Opening my heart and mind, nourishing my spirit, spreading compassion to all living things. Spontaneous trip to Doi Suthep National Park with Japanese students touring Chiang Mai.   Buddha in… Continue reading

Fourth of July as an American Expat

There’s nothing like the Fourth of July to stir up a little homesickness. Yes America, I chose to leave you- but I still love you! So what’s one of my favorite American holidays… Continue reading

Eating (Mindfully) in Thailand

Recently I had a fun experience at the market buying a cantaloupe: I pick up what I thought was a cantaloupe. The seller fires at me a mess of things I don’t understand… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Tonight’s a full moon. You know what that means- Buddhist Celebration! In Thailand today honors the life, enlightenment, and death of Buddha Guatama. In observation I went to the temple to participate in a candlelit ceremony where we… Continue reading

The road to Nan

A couple of weeks back I took my first camping trip within Thailand. This two day adventure led me from Chiang Mai on a full day’s drive North East where I ended in a neat… Continue reading

Motorbike Love

My amazing friend Cat (seriously, this woman is one of the most positive, fun-loving, and inspiring people I have ever met-you can check out her blog here ) let me “take care”… Continue reading

Sunrise, Sunrise

Good morning beautiful. Yes, you!

Why I don’t feel guilty- even though I did for a minute.

Recently I decided to update my professional profile on linked-in. “People you may know” kept popping up, and out of curiosity I clicked. Then, I started comparing myself to my colleagues. All the… Continue reading

Why MoonDrivenSoul?

I am one with the happenings of the universe. Every drop of rain, just like a thousand tears shed in a far away land, is not separate from me. Have you smiled to… Continue reading