About Me

An introvert lover of peace, lover of earth.

I am finding my way in this world through continuous exploration and adventure. An American living in Thailand. An art therapist by heart and study who currently teaches kindergarten with love. A dreamer, a wanderer, an old soul with a playful spirit.

Professionally I am currently exploring the questions: How can I be an art therapist in Thailand? Is there a place for art therapy as I know it within this culture? So far I know there is a place for art, and that’s a good enough start for me. I believe in the universal power of creative expression as a catalyst to open, transform, and heal humans. I am curious. I am patient.

Personally I am following my heart and letting go of fear-learning to accept my whole self along the way; it’s a damn treacherous and glorious path to be on.

I hope to share with you here a little of myself- my journey as a citizen of the world, the things that interest and inspire me, the strange and beautiful thoughts that make me, me. My writings will likely be random and of widely varying nature. My reveries for an inspired existence.

Thank you for being you!


Please share your thoughts with me!