Motorbike Love


My amazing friend Cat (seriously, this woman is one of the most positive, fun-loving, and inspiring people I have ever met-you can check out her blog here ) let me “take care” of her motorbike until she returns to Thailand in a few months. I am extremely grateful as this gives me the opportunity to save and buy my own while in the meantime provides me with reliable transportation to my Kindergarten each morning, freedom to explore, and also the feeling of integration into Thai lifestyle.

This weekend a friend and I went for a drive in search of a swimming hole we had heard about (it’s been between 95-100F daily). While we didn’t find our original destination, our day long journey landed us in a national park full of picnics, laughter, and Sunday afternoon revelry. Here our swimsuits were questionably appropriate attire as all the locals were swimming in full clothing, but we were able to wade in the creek and cool off for a bit before heading back towards the city.

You know when you find those things in life that you truly love doing? For me driving motorcycle (or scooter or “motorbike” as it’s called here) is one of those things. It’s as if I needed another reason to show up for work each morning with a huge smile on my face. The happiness I experience from riding is unshakable, and I had missed it regularly since I moved to Portland and left my bike behind in 2010. I’m ecstatic to be back on two wheels! And the weather here permits for year long riding–woo-hoo! We’ll see how I feel once rainy season hits, but 90% of everyone else here does it so I’m sure I’ll manage.

I hope you get to do something you love today!