Why MoonDrivenSoul?

I am one with the happenings of the universe. Every drop of rain, just like a thousand tears shed in a far away land, is not separate from me.

Have you smiled to the moon lately and said “thank you moon, without you I could not exist as I do?” Have you turned your face toward the sky in sheer gratitude? Have you presently acknowledged that we are not separate from the earth we live on, from the people we share it with? Do you believe your smile can change the world?


Why MoonDrivenSoul? This is a challenge of becoming vulnerable, of sharing myself open-heartedly, of letting go of fear. There is no ‘niche’ here, just me: my journey, my musings, my thoughts on everything from mindfulness, to world politics, to astrology. MoonDrivenSoul is about embracing connection, reaching out, sharing what drives and pulls at my spirit, at my intellect. And learning about myself all along the way…

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.”Thich Nhat Hanh. I am proud to announce that today I am 53 days 100% smoke free. I have finally unleashed myself from the deathly grips of control that smoking had over my life. I feel more confident than ever, but even yet I know the battle has just begun. To overcome and move beyond addiction takes more strength and courage than one can imagine. How will I maintain? I am determined. I know myself better than last time [I tried to quit]. I started running again. My thoughts are not truth; I do not have to listen. And now, right now as I write this, I just caught my mind wandering: imagining myself smoking a cigarette–with joy not disgust. It’s these images that are frightening- so easy it is to slip back into old habits. So often that’s what has happened in the past, but today I AM STRONG. Today I am expressing my gratitude to the cosmos. What can you do to honor your body today, no matter how big or small?

Oh, what a long strange trip it will be.

I believe your smile can change the world.

Peace and love.

MaureenLou (See the ‘about’ page to learn a bit more of me)